Baby Shoes & Moccasins

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Babies 1st Protein !

Hey MAMIs!
This is just a short post but I wanted to tell ya’ll about my sons very first protein experience!
He is now 7 months old and HUNGRY ! this growing stuff is no joke. But I wanted to introduce protein but I didn’t think meat was the best first choice. So what else has protein thats great for babies?? LENTILS !

[[a high-protein pulse that is dried and then soaked and cooked before eating. There are several varieties of lentils, including green ones and smaller orange ones, which are typically sold split]]


There are a ton of color and varieties of lentils. I chose to start with the brown lentils

A lot of people aren’t familiar with lentils, they are more common in other countries. But a good thing about Lentils is they readily take on the flavor of foods they are cooked with, for example I cooked them with garlic for flavor which is also a great ‘first’ season to introduce to your baby. My son loved it!

And, of course, with their high protein content, lentils make an ideal first protein!

I will of course be introducing meats such as chicken  but that wont be until he’s a little older.

so yes lentils can be known to cause gas just like some other beans but  my son never has been one to complain about gas. So I took the chance! 😉
I have heard that if you think your baby has issues dealing with gas trying the RED lentils first is a great option  because they contain less fiber.

—My sons first taste went great he ate the whole servings !